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Did you know that about 40% of the homes listed for sale end up as expired listings?  Do you know why yours did?

You can spend thousands of dollars on pointless upgrades or needlessly drop the price before you realize that it was only BAD MARKETING.

Why not start with a FREE marketing audit? 


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Marketing Audit

The Real Estate Marketing Experts are happy to review what marketing was done for your listing.  Our unique twenty point analysis will investigate and evaluate how your house was (or was not) marketed.

You will receive a written report with our findings.


To start our audit, we’ll research your listing’s digital footprint and find all the marketing that was previously done for it.

We may need some information from you like, for example, how many showings you had and if you received any serious offers. If so, we’ll email you with a few quick questions.

Then our team will assess all information and compile a report that we’ll email to you.



It will be up to you after that if you want to proceed to a personal over the phone or face to face consultation.


In it we'll detail not only how your listing can be marketed effectively, but also a comprehensive strategy that will take your listing from expired to a successful closing.

Disclaimer. This offer is not valid for active listings. Ethical considerations prohibit us from working with you if you have a current listing agreement with another real estate agent.

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