Our Weekly Marketing Report

You Are Not Marketing Unless You Are Measuring…

We do not go blindly. We constantly measure the results for every measurable marketing activity. That’s the only way to establish what works and optimize our activities to achieve best results.

And not only do we measure relentlessly but we keep you informed of everything.

Every week we prepare for you a Marketing Report detailing the marketing activity of the week:

  • Showings and feedback
  • Website activity
  • Craigslist etc activity
  • Internet Real Estate portals’ metrics
  • Offline promotion
  • Changes in your neighborhood’s market & competition (new listings, sales etc)
  • Any other significant marketing information
  • Marketing schedule for next week

That way you always know what is happening and how the selling process is going.

More importantly, with that report we hold ourselves accountable to you and you are completely informed about your listing.

And It Also Comes With A Guarantee… Next Step

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