No Restrictive Contracts = No Risk!

By now probably you are thinking to yourself all this sounds great but is he going to do what he promises? After all, you have already had enough of unfulfilled promises.•To assure you that everything promised will be delivered I am held accountable to you by presenting my written report every week with the marketing activity as well as the next week’s plan.

•Our Listing Agreement will clearly state that if at any moment you feel unhappy with the

way I am handling the selling process you can terminate our relationship and walk away with no consequences whatsoever.•I am not getting paid a penny unless the house sells: No retainer fees, no early termination penalties and no advertising expenses. Nothing. Moreover, I invest a significant amount of MY money in advertising and marketing expenses: dedicated internet site, virtual tours, printed material and much more. If I fail to sell your house, it’s my loss and my loss alone.

So! Whats what next

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